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EVENT: #MyStory Final Event. Media (Literacy) and Refugees.

The final event for the My Story Project took place in Brussels on 5 December 2017. The full-day event was divided into two sessions. At the morning session, EAVI and My Story partners from Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, France and Greece shared their experience and contributions to the project, including audiovisual material and a [...]

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Reporting about migration : 35 journalists awarded

In the past as during World Wars, in the present because of the lack of security or economic reasons, in the future with the extreme climate conditions that will appear… There are many reasons to migrate and this is a timeless topic we will always have to deal with. Being well and factually informed is crucial for experts and politicians but it is also very important for every other citizen in order to be fully involved in the society.

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“Dissecting” journalism

The second Hungarian event of the MyStory project organised by the Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association will take place in Subotica, Serbia on the 29th of this April. The authority, the Orbanian "illiberal democracy" (also known as autocracy) has completely sealed the country, making it impossible for asylum seekers to enter, many [...]

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