On 27th of September Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association organized a third event of MyStory Project. Originally the event was not planned but during the preparation of the second event of My Story EAVI’s partner encountered a lot of constraints posed by the Hungarian government. As a result, the second event, originally planned for Budapest,  was moved to Subotica. Due to the time constraints and format of the event(please read the report on the second event, here) many important questions were not properly discussed, that is the reason Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association  organised a third event  five months later at the Informatorium of the Szeged Agora (http://www.agoraszeged.hu/) in the format of round table discussions.


The role of journalists in reporting on migrants was discussed with invited guests. Dávid László, editor of the foreign policy column of the Hungarian nation; Malia Lilla the correspondent of Szeged; Klucsik Edit  communications university professor and the editor of  the local television channels discussed  the internal analysis of the reportages on Migrants and Refugees and their own journalistic dilemmas. Milián Orsolya and Borbála Németh brought the point of view of organizations assisting refugees.


This exciting event was attended by students, teachers, activists and media professionals working with Migrants and Refugees. The event was also broadcasted by local television channel..