On 14 March 2017 the #MyStory event, Digital Storytelling as a Stimulus to Social Dialogue, took place in Leipzig. Organised by #MyStory partners, Wisamar, the morning session, presentations and a panel discussion gave an important insight into the role of media for integration and the benefits of digital storytelling and multimedia approaches. In the afternoon the participants had the chance to practice and tell their own digital stories.

The keynote speaker was Constantin Schreiber, a well-known German journalist who was awarded with the Grimme-Preis, one of the most prestigious awards in German television for his series “Marhaba.” Schreiber pointed out the importance of speaking with migrants instead of just talking about them. Heike Rübbert, a German author, spoke about digital storytelling and gave practical recommendations from her experience but also from the Institute for Storytelling, Berkeley, that developed the Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling from point of view to pacing.

Handbook Germany served as a good practice example as well. Robert Lanzke presented the concept and the technical background of this portal from the communities for the communities, which gives important information for migrants in four languages, with many clips and videos.

The documentary filmmaker Robert Jahn shared his view that today everyone is not only a consumer of media but a producer of media content as well. With a smartphone and some additional tools, short videos can easily be produced and shared. In preparation for the event this was done with participants of an integration course of refugees and migrants from different countries. Three videos were presented at the event by the producers themselves who explained the concept and idea before sharing the films which can be seen below and on the channel page here.