Resource Description

The Dos & Don´ts Guide-For refugees to tell their stories and for journalists to report them better.

This guide was drafted within the activities of MyStory project  funded by the European Commission. It aims:

a) to facilitate journalists and bloggers’ work so that they are better able to meet ethical standards when portraying migrants and refugees in the media; b) to equip migrants and refugees (M&R) and respective supporting organisations, to produce their stories more effectively.

The following recommendations draw on MyStory’s debates and the network of contacts from the project consortium, and take into account relevant international policy papers on the subject. The activity of the project will also inform and support the EC’s legal framework and future initiatives.

Please note that specialised handbooks and legal documents are available online. Our guide aims to offer practical tips rather than exhaustive information. Therefore, it consists of three distinct sections, addressing respectively:

1. ………… Journalists and online bloggers when they cover M&R stories;

2…………Migrants and Refugees;

3. ………..Organisations working with migrants and refugees.

[Click here for a downloadable pdf copy of the guide]