Resource Description

Launched in March 2016, The “Peace journalism Handbook” is the result of a project of the IPS Communication Foundation with support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands Consulate General’s Human Rights Program for the term 2014-2016.

The handbook explores the main arguments of feminist theories and rights-based journalism approach. The outcome is a rich research with examples, recommendations and guidelines for journalists (and others) in order to become more engaged with a “new” and more “socially responsible” way to do journalism and communicate.

Peace journalism might be considered the ultimate invitation to self-reflection and mindfulness to take into consideration while writing a story. Peace Journalism advocates “both on recognizing and understanding the multiple realities of life in any given community at a very particular time”. Moreover, is a recall to the role of a journalist who must go “beyond identifying and reporting the facts toward careful and systematic scrutiny of how those facts undermine or support foundational human rights”. (Peace journalism Handbook,2016)

We find this handbook a useful tool to combat the propagation of hate speech. Moreover, it constitutes a proper reminder for many writers and journalists of their responsibilities. Perhaps and hopefully such a text might have a discouraging effect upon those creating, writing and propagating fake news and disinformation.

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