“Where do you want to be in six months’ time?”

That is the question that several migrants, Frontex officers and volunteers in Bulgaria answer in the book “Dreams Without Borders”, a project by Miriam Gómez Blanes, for Infinite Opportunities Association, an organisation based in Sofia (Bulgaria).

The main objective of the book, which collects 20 different stories, is to combat some stereotypes about migrants and prove that no matter if one is rich or poor, a migrant or a person with residence, a refugee or not… we all share the same dreams. The only difference lies within the resources that we have available to make them come true and how society helps us (or not) in achieving that.

Most of the stories were written in the Bulgarian detention center of Busmansti. The use of Dixit cards helped participants to explain where they wanted to be in six months. Ana Mendes, who was behind the whole design of the book, visualised their dreams for the book, taking her inspiration from the cards the participants had chosen. In some cases, the migrants themselves recreated their dreams into drawings and Ana has been able to adapt these to the format of the book.

The publication was shared on the 20th of June, World Refugee Day, for raising awareness about the topics that this group has to face daily, same as the whole migrants one has to do. Before the book has been launched, an online campaign started to share the plans of every contributor over the next six months.

Do you want to join the campaign? You can do it!! Share on social media where you want to be in six months’ time, using the hashtag #dreamswithoutborders, and be part of this project!!
And if you like the book (for now just available online), please, share it!! And don’t forget to use also the hashtag #dreamswithoutborders for doing it.



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