Free movement is a pillar of the European Union. Member states’ economies and societies are based on it and it makes migration a crucial issue in the EU. This mobility provides benefits to European citizens who can, among others, migrate to other countries to find more opportunities. Nevertheless, it is also a big challenge for authorities that face economical, social and political issues.

REMINDER is a consortium of 13 organisations whose purpose is to increase the knowledge base about the impact of free movement in Europe and examine how the national political and media narratives are made about those topics. The project utilises a number of professional research tools to properly investigate and understand the mechanics of the intra-EU migration.

As they are studying national media narratives on this point, a survey has been posted on their website. It is addressed to European media experts; journalists and editors. The purpose is understanding how national media represent migration, what influence the national cultural background can have on these narratives, decide whether or not a relevant intervention is needed, and gather some generic information about how public opinions are formed in different countries.

We think these researches are absolutely essential for media literacy experts. Therefore, if you are a journalist, editor, spokesperson or any other expert writing about migration you should consider participating to the survey.

The survey closes on Sunday October 15th so now’s your chance.

Click here to go to the survey