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“Dissecting” journalism

The second Hungarian event of the MyStory project organised by the Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association will take place in Subotica, Serbia on the 29th of this April. The authority, the Orbanian "illiberal democracy" (also known as autocracy) has completely sealed the country, making it impossible for asylum seekers to enter, many [...]

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DOCUMENTARY: Imprint Media Messages – Migration and Refugee Crisis as an Excellent Field of Agenda Setting

Directed by Laszlo Hartai from the Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association, Imprint Media Messages explores the effect that negative media representations of migrants and refugees has had on the perceptions of Hungarian citizens and how these perceptions have been exploited by those in power. The documentary forms part of the #MyStory: Media, Migrants & Refugees Project funded by the European Commission's Europe for Citizens Programme and coordinated by The European Association for Viewers Interests - EAVI.

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Imprint Media Messages – Migration and Refugee Crisis as Excellent Field of Agenda Setting, Szeged Hungary

At the first Hungarian event of the My Story project we explored the direct experiences and other sources of information based on which our participants (about 70 people, workers of migrants’ organisations, mayors, journalists, teachers and students, representatives of higher education institutions and citizens) had formed their internal views and opinions on the migrant crisis. These sources, for instance, included personal experiences, the following of opinion leaders and basing opinions on content from television, Internet or government facilitated propaganda.

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